Faye Hill


The two most important things in my life are God and family. Having faith and love captures the beauty of life around us. Family is a special gift from God. It is what who we are, and where we came from. Nature captures the essence of creation of beauty of the landscapes and for every blossom there is hope, peace, and love. I have a Bachelor's degree in Art at the University of Texas, San Antonio. I enjoy creating styles slightly derived from the Flemish and Victorian era of paintings.  In the Flemish style, vibrant localized colors are emphasized. In the Victorian side style, the accent and the harmony of colors as well as the way the subjects are positioned on the canvas are clearly seen on many of my floral and still life paintings. 

Mary Veronica Kampen Laskowski


Mary Veronica Kampen Laskowski is an Artist living in San Antonio who's been painting since she was 7. Her stunning works of arts are created through a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, pen and ink, pencils, pastels, mixed media and various other mediums. Currently, her method of using acrylics makes the canvas look like an oil painting. She enjoys creating beautiful fully framed canvases that are expressive of our creation around us.

Her hope is for you to find joy and relaxation in a cheerful colorful piece of art for years to come.

Roger Parsons


An award winning artist, featured in Western Art Collector, with two one-person Museum shows,

Roger interprets the American West/Southwest from the heart, as our eyes see nature, not as a camera captures it.  The land/sky is merely a foil for painting light, with a meditative feel that makes us “want to be there.”  His signature includes a stylized representation of the blood clot that caused a stroke in 2011.  The Indiana native holds a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from Purdue University.

Carlton Eddy


Carlton Eddy, a resident of Helotes, TX, has been an artist member of the Coast Guard Art Program since 1988 and paints aviation subjects for the military and private buyers. His work is on display at the U.S. Naval Academy, the National Museum of Naval Aviation, the National Museum of the Pacific War, and   military bases and private collections. His work has been featured on Texas Country Reporter. Since retirement from the medical field, his painting subjects have expanded to include portraiture, wildlife, marine, western, and numismatic themes.

Evan Saenger


My paintings are inspired by the thought that all the world is abstract. I believe that what I understand about the world around me is minimal. Look closer at something considered “common” and a whole verdant trove of fresh discovery is waiting. I think of my paintings as my own person rebellion against the trap of being lethargic and bored in a world as boundlessly beautiful as ours.

Javier Galan


 I was born in the province of Melchor Muzquiz in Coahuila, Mexico, on  February 19, 1954. My love for painting runs in the genes of my ancestors  because the high number of relatives with this talent.  My genetic and artistic heritage finds its expression through different  media  (Painting, photography, poetry, ceramics etc.) as part of the process of self-identification and realization within the arts. Basically I am a  self-taught artist. I have been my own teacher for more than 20 years, discovering within the versatility of my style different trends of painting  and without having any preference.  I keep experimenting in all of them.   In 1975 I became serious in expressing myself through the art of painting. Since then I have been living and working on  my project, in cities such as: Mexico City, Guanajuato, Mex., San Antonio and in Austin Texas. 

Kimberly Hopkins


Local Artist

Jared DuCote


As a natural artist with no formal art training, Jared has been producing life-like paintings and drawings for over 30 years.  Jared has  designed Patches for the Boy Scouts of America, been accepted in the National Art Club, and is a member of the National Artists Guild Society.

Jared has been commissioned by art lovers all over the U.S., and has been asked to paint for
organizations such as Bass Unlimited, Livingston Lures, Skeeter Boats and many more.. Jared has been honored by being chosen for the National Art Selection for Ducks Unlimited, and is running for Artist of the Year, and the DU Stamp. Jared currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and takes orders on commission artwork in all forms.

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