Faye Hill


The two most important things in my life are God and family. Having faith and love captures the beauty of life around us. Family is a special gift from God. It is what who we are, and where we came from. Nature captures the essence of creation of beauty of the landscapes and for every blossom there is hope, peace, and love. I have a Bachelor's degree in Art at the University of Texas, San Antonio. I enjoy creating styles slightly derived from the Flemish and Victorian era of paintings.  In the Flemish style, vibrant localized colors are emphasized. In the Victorian side style, the accent and the harmony of colors as well as the way the subjects are positioned on the canvas are clearly seen on many of my floral and still life paintings. 

Mary Veronica Kampen Laskowski


Mary Veronica Kampen Laskowski is an Artist living in San Antonio who's been painting since she was 7. Her stunning works of arts are created through a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, pen and ink, pencils, pastels, mixed media and various other mediums. Currently, her method of using acrylics makes the canvas look like an oil painting. She enjoys creating beautiful fully framed canvases that are expressive of our creation around us.

Her hope is for you to find joy and relaxation in a cheerful colorful piece of art for years to come.

Roger Parsons


An award winning artist, featured in Western Art Collector, with two one-person Museum shows,

Roger interprets the American West/Southwest from the heart, as our eyes see nature, not as a camera captures it.  The land/sky is merely a foil for painting light, with a meditative feel that makes us “want to be there.”  His signature includes a stylized representation of the blood clot that caused a stroke in 2011.  The Indiana native holds a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from Purdue University.

Carlton Eddy


Carlton Eddy, a resident of Helotes, TX, has been an artist member of the Coast Guard Art Program since 1988 and paints aviation subjects for the military and private buyers. His work is on display at the U.S. Naval Academy, the National Museum of Naval Aviation, the National Museum of the Pacific War, and   military bases and private collections. His work has been featured on Texas Country Reporter. Since retirement from the medical field, his painting subjects have expanded to include portraiture, wildlife, marine, western, and numismatic themes.

Evan Saenger


My paintings are inspired by the thought that all the world is abstract. I believe that what I understand about the world around me is minimal. Look closer at something considered “common” and a whole verdant trove of fresh discovery is waiting. I think of my paintings as my own person rebellion against the trap of being lethargic and bored in a world as boundlessly beautiful as ours.

Jack Krietzburg



Jack was born and raised in Southern California, his ancestors among those noted for settling Santa Monica when orange groves not boardwalks was the stock and trade. Spending 29 years in Las Vegas, Jack put his artistic nature into a successful commercial printing company. Upon selling the company in 1998, Jack and his wife Sharon moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. A five-year endeavor into designing custom wood screened doors reignited his passion for painting. Jack entered, showed and sold his paintings in many venues across New Mexico. With a move to Sharon’s native State of Texas in 2012, his enthusiasm for painting and testing the boundaries of subjects has continued to evolve. He paints everyday simple subjects in a realistic to representational style. He hopes you enjoy what you see.

Margot Gonzalez


Margot is a Mexican artist that has been living in San Antonio for nine years. Painting for 27 years, Margot has had her work exhibited in Paris, the United States, and Mexico. She likes to convey memories, emotions, and moments in order for viewers to find or create their own portrayal. Margot's passion for her work comes from the peace she finds while painting. Most of her work includes commissioned portraits of children.

Jessica Veilleux


I am fascinated with the Old Masters and have lived in several countries visiting their museums and taking their art classes. I strive to creatively express light and mood in my paintings and continue to study art at the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts. I love to paint the light seen in the glow of vessels or the luminosity of a sunset and feel joy when customers tell me they are drawn to light in my paintings. I am a member of the Boerne Professional Artists and the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts. 

Marcus A. Cerda


My synthetic cubist paintings are like a stream of consciousness, which starts with a collage of randomly placed pieces and textures.  The universe is broken down into colors and shapes via the rationale that it is comprised of circles and right angles; I paint while remaining consciously aware of color blocking and shapes. This collage style of synthetic cubism challenges and strengthens my sense of aesthetics.  The cubist paintings depict the mundane in a colorful, vibrant, and transparent way, by expressing movement in the mundane objects as frenetic textural juxtaposition of shape, pattern, and color.  I have developed an interconnection of self and the environment that space and time are interdependent and intermingled.

Ethan Farmer


Inspired by his experiences as a former Police Officer and Army Combat Medic, Ethan Farmer utilizes torches, carving tools, and acrylics to create works depicting the beauty of the natural world.  A self-taught artist, Ethan established his company, West Texas Wood Art, in 2015.  Today Ethan is completing a Master's Degree in Physician Assistant studies, and dedicates his free time to crafting unique pieces for clients. Personalization is one of his specialties. 

Sonja Quarles


I’m a Texas artist and a versatile painter.  I paint landscapes, florals, figurative, wildlife and architectural scenes in both oil and acrylic. I have had paintings accepted in juried national shows including NOAPS, AWA and Graham Art Splash on the Square National Show. I have also exhibited in juried regional shows such as Fort Worth’s Art in the Metroplex, Preservation is the Art of the City shows, Texas Artists Coalition member shows, and Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition. In 2006, I had a solo show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. My paintings have won several awards including Best of Show at the 2014 National Wildlife and Domestic Animal Show in Irving and at the 2016 Lake Granbury Art Association Open Show.

Fleurette Estes


Fleurette Farley Estes is a Diné (Navajo) artist from the Navajo reservation. She earned her degree in art from Harding University in 1998, and after moving to San Antonio in 2017, she left an 18-year career in retail to pursue art and photography full time. Her inspiration comes from traveling, culture, landscapes, and experimentation with acrylic paints. She loves when people are drawn to her work because of their own travels, and the mutual connection travel creates between her and her patrons.

Robert Dix


Robert Dix creates many types of art to include “art on glass” and “concrete art”.  The smoothness of glass with the combination of imagery blends together to create a simple statement of harmony.  This harmony is also captured in the smoothness and style of his concrete art.  His artwork comes from a strong belief to see uniqueness in different types materials and how they can be used to create beauty and tranquility.  Robert’s passion for creating art has extended over many years and taken many forms.  

Liliana Quinones


Liliana “Lily” Quinones is a Mexican born contemporary artist currently showcasing her creative vision in San Antonio, TX. Since the start of her artistic pursuits in 2011, Lily has developed a balanced and controlled hand in abstract art, allowing her to explore various medium and techniques for her professional works.

Maria Alvarado


I am Maria Alvarado and I am an artist. I was born in Texas and have been a resident of San Antonio for 20 years. I am highly inspired by matters of humanity, and the indigenous women of the world. I admire local and world cultures and hope to capture it in paint. I have also become inspired by the pain of life, as there is beauty in everything. Creativity has been my savior, and something that brings me great joy.  

Giovanna DiZurita


Giovanna DiZurita was born in San Antonio on August 6, 1992. She is a full time artist dedicated to her craft and the development of her career. At her young age Giovanna has been awarded Visual Artist of the Year, Fashion Artist of the Year and has toured with her art internationally. Her art is part of the collection of individuals from all over the world in Europe, Central America and various states in the USA including many San Antonina’s. Some of the collector include Steven Tyler, the Mayor of San Antonio and the art Ambassador of Mexico City. 

Sandra Risner


I was raised in Rio Grande City, Texas.  I attended Texas Woman's University where I majored in Fashion Illustration and Art Education.  I have mainly worked in pencil and watercolor but since retiring 8 years ago, I started painting with acrylics.  I have taken instruction from local artists Stevie Ricks and Juanita Garza.  I was influenced by my father, a South Texas artist, by the works of Georgia O’Keefe, and the fashion portraits of John Singer Sargent. I am currently experimenting with new techniques and always trying new ideas.  I continue to find interest in painting a variety of subjects from nature including florals, architecture, and from recorded memories of my travels.

Joao Quiroz


Joao Quiroz (Zacatecas, Mexico 1980) explores the interior language and the landscape, expressionism and impressionism. He trained as a graphic designer and adopted painting as a means of expression 20 years ago, he has toured the most important squares in Mexico, he traveled to Italy and now in Texas, EU, he leaves his stamp on images that belong to the culture and the way of life in his present, the portrait of society as a time capsule turned into painting. 

Sam Wilson


Sam Wilson is a self taught oil painter based in San Antonio, TX whose main focus is realism. Born in 1986 originally from Wichita KS Sam was interested in art from a young age. Sam attended Butler Community College with a small scholarship for art. There he took a few design classes as well as sculpture. From there he attended The  University of Kansas with a focus in Marketing Communications. After a year at KU at the age of 23 Sam took a break from university during which he painted his first oil painting under the guidance of his father, Kent Wilson. From that point on he never looked back. Sam has shown his work in several venues in Wichita and San Antonio as well as a number of competitions all over the United States. Among other recognition in 2015 his piece “American Busker” was selected as a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize in Houston. In 2016 he was the first place winner of the Jerry’s Artarama Portrait Contest. 

Cody Vance


My abstract sculptures, in stone and steel, have been described as water-like, flowing and liquid, or as if someone had scooped into the stone like ice cream. As a whole my sculpture work ranges from ribbon-like abstracts to classically inspired figures, bas-relief and whimsical characters; they draw the viewer in, whispering, inviting to come closer. I retired from the Air Force in 2010 after 24 years of fun and currently work as a Medical Illustrator in San Antonio.  I’m a member of the Texas Sculpture Group, Texas Society of Sculptors, San Antonio Art League & Museum, and Air Force Art Program. 

Margaret Evans


Margaret Kohel Evans was born into a world of flowers on her childhood farm in Wisconsin. As an adult living and working in the South American tropics for eight years, Margaret trekked to the mountains collecting orchids and enjoyed streets lined with flowering trees. Later moving to Texas, Margaret became fascinated with Texas wildflowers.After devoting 45 years to private and public education as teacher, diagnostician, supervisor and finally educational consultant, she then persevered to paint. Margaret began by painting flowers for a powder room. Today the walls are covered as a gallery with her framed watercolors of favorite flowers featuring both conservative hues and unexpected juicy colors like tangerine and fuchsia. Later she branched out to most any painting subject.

Jerry Gann


As a native to San Antonio, I enjoyed painting with my grandmother at a very young age. I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from University of Texas at San Antonio in 2001. I have shown artwork in local art galleries in Downtown San Antonio as well as group exhibits in Austin and New York. I have donated artwork to local nonprofit organizations as well. I have been an art teacher for the last 13 years. I remain dedicated to making and exhibiting artwork. My recent work is made using oil paint, collage, and found objects.

Marianne Mongiello


Marianne Mongiello was born in Brooklyn,New York. She studied Art at Hunter College and Pratt Institute and has a MA from the University of Texas in Austin. She moved to Mexico City and studied colonial architecture at the Universidad de las Americas in Mexico. There she also exhibited in various Art Shows. Marianne works in oil and water color and her work is akin to Impressionism and Expressionism. Her paintings convey mood,emotion through an emphasis on contrasts of light and dark, shading and motion.

Sarah Mills Bailey


A native of New Orleans, Sarah Mills Bailey studied microbiology at LSU and at the graduate level, at Tulane University.  Her artistic endeavors began as crafting household décor. Using paint and fabric, she applied color as a means of highlighting visual perception of form. Fabric then became the medium, but again the tool was color, along with texture, as she juxtaposed aspects of both in her designs. It was a natural progression to the elemental of abstract art, narrowing the focus to color itself, becoming not just the tool but the object of perception.  Sarah lives in San Antonio with her husband and daughters.

Fernando Giron


Fernando Giron is a self-taught artist originally from Mexico. He has lived in Texas for the past 14 years. As with many artists, Giron, grew up drawing and sketching daily. He started painting in 2010. His work has been displayed in interior design stores and over 12 private art exhibits throughout Texas in the past 4 years. Fernando likes to experiment utilizing new materials and techniques. He dreams, imagines, thinks, feels and communicates what moves his soul. His artwork is an explosion of color, vigorous figures, light and shade to produce an effect and emotion. He considers himself a figurative and abstract expressionist. His dream is to transcend in this medium and continue making charitable donation and contributing to his community through his art. 

Stan Unser


Stan Unser is a mixed media artist working since 2016 following his retirement as a military physician. A lifelong attraction to intriguing images and a desire to composite them into stories directs his work.  He often uses photographic image transfers to allow rapid presentation of a concept with emphasis on composition. His current purpose is to evolve artistically, create interesting and pleasing work, and explore the local art community. 

Maya Sokovic


Maya Sokovic is an artist currently living and working in San Antonio, TX. She grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. She defines her art as a form of visual storytelling. "My paintings are coming from memories, dreams, feelings, physical layers and personal history, they are reactions to moments I’ve collected. I seek to capture the moments and simplicity of life through time, whether by colors, lines, layers, space...". Maya received a BFA of Fine Arts. Her art was exhibited internationally, published in books and is in private collections in Europe and the USA.