Justin McHenry


 Justin was born in New Bern North Carolina in 1975. At the age of 3, his parents moved to the northwest where his father, Timothy McHenry, started a picture frame shop in Stayton, Oregon. It was there that Justin was exposed to the fine arts and was introduced to many local artists such as Michael Bartlett and Susan Bardeut (a watercolorist). Justin has continued his journey of art all thru his life and seeks to achieve the level of detail of the old masters. Although Oils may be his first choice in mediums he also worked in pencil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, sculpture wood carving, pen and ink, and digital media such as Photoshop for animation.  

Carmen Cartiness Johnson


Ms. Johnson is a self-taught artist.  Carmen’s narrative art takes a snapshot of people interacting in social situations.  Her faceless images allow viewers to cross racial lines placing themselves in the situation on canvas.  The inspiration for her vivid paintings comes from poems, songs, novels, and media. In addition, to her figurative work she creates large abstract work on canvas and paper using various papers, newsprint type, and photographs.  

Robert Garza


Robert places more emphasis on compositional beauty than on hidden symbolism, and prefers to allow design, color and figure to tell the story of his paintings. The focus of his paintings is on the eyes that invite us to enter and experience our common humanity. Robert Garza is a modern master who evocatively combines the classic and the contemporary. Robert says, “we are all one people; the sharp sense gives the artist the ability to observe and highlight the beauty of what we see.” Robert's artistic efforts allow him to appreciate human differences, his generosity and his desire to understand others.

Susan C. Abelman


 Born in Shreveport, La. Susan graduated from University of Texas in Austin and received her degree in Fashion Merchandising and design.  Susan's work as a Makeup artist helped her transition  from painting on faces to painting on canvas. She has been painting for six years. Bright, radiant colors and a joyous happy spirit are captured in her work.  Susan's interest in Travel, Fashion, and Nature influence the themes of her paintings. 

Jose Antonio Ayala


  Jose Antonio Ayala was born in Mexico and raised in San Antonio having a formal education in photography, graphic and fine arts. Jose has been an architectural freelance illustrator since 1983 and most recently a full-time fine artist. Considering himself a contemporary artist, he enjoys depicting the many striking patterns of wildlife, such as zebras, tigers, jaguars, etc., as well as whimsical outtakes of their everyday life, always considering the fact that many are becoming extinct. 

Drita Harris


I have created art all my life in one medium or another. It’s important for me to not only create, but to continuously evolve and creatively express my feelings through my art. Whether I'm working in my studio painting, or creating with glass, my art is a piece of me that I put out to the world. My large abstract paintings are an emotion of music, life, and color. My abstracts in glass are a flow of colors that captures the movement of glass. 

JD Morera


Born in Madrid, Spain, JD came to art at an early age nurtured by a rigorous education under the tutelage of Catholic nuns. He came to the US to study art. After receiving a bachelor's degree in art JD opened a studio where he specialized in large-format abstract paintings developed in collaboration with architects and designers such as Pepe Cabrera, Bruno Raymond and Michael Keller in the US. JD describes his early artistic life as nomadic, having exhibited extensively in Italy, Spain, France and Mexico and in various galleries in CA, NM, TX and FL, where his paintings are found in numerous private and commercial collections.

Rodney Pray


As a child of parents who were artists, I was blessed from a young age to be exposed to art in many of its forms. I credit my childhood to where I developed my own love and appreciation of art and to the artists who bring their visions forth. My inspirations have been primarily rooted in modern and abstract art with a love for color and fluidity. I have worked with a variety of mediums including charcoal, acrylics, and art resin of which I am self-taught in each. Working with resin has allowed me to expand on my creativity adding a depth and vibrancy that traditionally I would be unable to attain through traditional methods. 

Liliana Quinones


Liliana “Lily” Quinones is a Mexican born contemporary artist currently showcasing her creative vision in San Antonio, TX. Since the start of her artistic pursuits in 2011, Lily has developed a balanced and controlled hand in abstract art, allowing her to explore various medium and techniques for her professional works.

Juanita G Garza


My passion, love, dedication in life is ART.  Born in Del Rio, TX first art classes in High school under Artist Jan Brieschke. Studied under Art Historian Eloise Stoker, Potter Nancy Powell,  Peruvian sculptor Luis Guzman.  1976 Graduated with honors from UT Austin in  All Level Art Education, taught middle school 10yrs in San Antonio. 25+ years in Cosmetics and abandoned painting for over two decades. Surviving Cancer in 1998, started teaching adults as recovery therapy for myself. Have been painting since 2005.  My work includes commissioned work, pet portraits, florals etc. & reflect my love of life, Nature, Family, Faith and Culture. Have been teaching adults painting since 1999 & founder of “Con Mis Manos” Art Group.

Richard Castle


Richard Castle is an artist based in San Antonio, TX. His recent work explores the topics of environmental change, evolution, mythology and the cultural history of animals. 

Ray B Price


Ray attended Texas State University, “party central”, where he got acquainted with Commercial art, journalism and food fights. In his favorite form of expression, Transparent Watercolor, which he learned by much trial and error, his only expectation is to bring the viewer to a place of peace and have some fun. Ray has shown at La Villita, Artisans Alley, Turner-Chapman Gallery, Mary Rose Gallery, A.R.T. Gallery, Viva Gallery and River Art Group Gallery. Ray is married to a fantastic woman and is the father of four wonderful children and has lived in San Antonio Texas since 1984. He has been painting seriously since 1995 and is still learning constantly about the nuances of watercolor and life.

Monica Hernandez


I am originally from Argentina but came to the U.S. in 1976 with my sister and grandmother. We lived in New York for about 5 years, then we moved to San Antonio in 1981, which is where I met my husband. We got married in 1985 and started our family of 5 in 1987. Art has always been a part of my life, specifically painting, knitting, and sculpting but I love all types of Art. I hope you find joy in my paintings.

Gustav Rodmartin


Gustav Rodmartin is a self-taught acrylic and oil, Contemporary Abstract Artist and also specializes in portraits. He is from El Paso, TX and emigrated to San Antonio. His inspiration comes from nature and every day life experiences. The main focus of his work is to express emotion and feelings through color.



Siena began her studies in art at AHN Academy in Maryland where she attended workshops and classes with Miguel Garcia Ceballos, Ana Tames and other famous artists from Oaxaca. She has participated in the Festivale di Arte, in Spoleto Italy in 2014 and also exhibited in ¨La Aurora¨, San Miguel de Allende and in various collective expositions all over Mexico. Siena expresses her feelings towards life in her abstract painting. Her works hang in residences throughout Mexico, Italy and Spain. 

Alexandra Nelipa


Alexandra Nelipa, a native of Crimea, has lived in San Antonio since 2008.  Since then, she has managed to establish herself as one of the leading creative artists much respected by the artistic community.  She has also captured the admiration of many art collectors in Bexar County. She has been invited to exhibit her work at several local galleries, among them Bihl House, HighWireArts, Centro Cultural Aztlán, Mercury Project. Alexandra enjoys working with a variety of median oils, acrylics, water colors, mixed media, ceramics and photography.  Her subject matter focuses on figurative art from a variety of perspectives.  Her artistic inspirations lay in the old Masters. 

Angel Custos


Art, philosophy, and expanding one’s mind. These are the things that drive me each day. I am a self-taught artist, who is learning everything I can, and more to improve my art, and more importantly myself.  My art varies depending on my mood, sometimes you’ll find me lost in a mandala others, you’ll find me building a metal moon. I intend to inspire the world with what I do, and the story of why I do it. Come, walk with me in my world.

Cabana Boy Productions


With bluntness, intelligence, and a sly sense of humor, Myriam Lanau the artist behind Cabana Boy Productions likes to explore dreams, fantasies and mythology. Often Myriam’s work- everything from black and white photography to collage art- requires you to come in for a closer look. “I try to capture what’s hidden and really push certain limits.” She’s shown work throughout Texas and has work in private collections worldwide. She received her BFA in photography at UTSA after bouncing around from Kansas City Art Institute, San Antonio Art Institute and San Antonio College.

Diana Hentges


A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Diana lived and was raised there along with her three sisters and three brothers.  She was inspired and encouraged to pursue her love of art by her father Odell Countryman, who himself was an artist. Diana attended various colleges in Arizona, specializing in fine arts and studying many different techniques and mediums including Still Life, Life Drawing, and Fine Arts in Oil painting.  All of these driving forces shaped her throughout her early college years and even throughout her years of raising a family.  Never once did her passion for art and her inner creative voice ever leave her. 

Claudette Hopkins


Originally from Dallas, TX, Claudette majored in Art Education at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX. She has enjoyed many one woman shows and exhibited extensively with SEAS. She received both first and second place awards for three consecutive years in USAA’s “Own My Own Time” exhibits and an award for best in show in a SEAS exhibit in 1997. In 2007, she created the JAZZ’s ALIVE poster for the city of San Antonio and in 2001 was artist of the year at St. Phillip’s College. Most of Claudette’s work is pastel and is focused on portraying the beauty of women’s color, a subject she has been drawn to for most of her life.

Veronica C. Guerrero


Born and raised on the southside of​ San Antonio, Texas, Veronica C. Guerrero started dabbling​ in the Fiber and Fine Arts at the age of 6. She taught herself how to crochet, draw, paint and sew.    Guerrero attended Our Lady of the Lake University where she received her BA in Art and English and MeD in Education and English.   Guerrero taught high school art for several years. She left teaching to become a stay-at-home parent. She currently works on creating her art, patterns and projects.   

Katrina Gorman


Katrina Gorman learned she had a new passion, in addition to drawing when she received her first sewing machine at 9 years old. In 2009, many life events happened and the love of drawing and sewing merged into a new exciting expression for her, called Textile Design Art. Soon after, she had her first fine art gallery showing. Katrina has shown her work at the Solo Exhibition featured at The Carver, King William Fair 2016, HGTV show called, “That’s Clever” 2008, and International Exhibition in Chite, Spain.

Robert Dix


Robert Dix creates many types of art to include “art on glass” and “concrete art”.  The smoothness of glass with the combination of imagery blends together to create a simple statement of harmony.  This harmony is also captured in the smoothness and style of his concrete art.  His artwork comes from a strong belief to see uniqueness in different types materials and how they can be used to create beauty and tranquility.  Robert’s passion for creating art has extended over many years and taken many forms.  

Samuel Zechariah


My name is Zack, I'm a San Antonio artist working primarily with portraits made using acrylic paint. The creation of portraits has always interested me because I enjoy discovering exactly which of a person's features causes them to be recognized as that person. I find it fascinating to witness the likeness of a person slowly emerge from marks of paint on a blank canvas.

Pamela Reed


I am an artist, painter/writer supporting myself from my art by moving to Belize Central America (1990-2011) to paint in natural spaces that are extinguishing in my place of origin. My greatest achievements were to empower women in art and create art education in schools where there was none. Because of the increase in violence I have moved back to San Antonio my birthplace and hope to find a place where I can reestablish myself and make a contribution to my community thru my work.

Russel E. Smith


I have been shooting photographs for some 40 plus years and framing some for my own enjoyment. Upon retiring in 2015 after over three decades as Executive Director of the Texas Solar Energy Society and the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association I finally had the time to show and share. The photographs are unique shots of the natural world and artifacts of human activity and habitation selected from my broader collection of images. I hope they offer a fresh view of common Texas scenes and take you off the beaten path to see a side of Texas you may not have experienced. While my focus is largely on Texas, some of my works are from other states and Mexico as well.

Rene Cantu


Rene was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is a 1974 graduate of King High School and is a Vietnam Era Vet. Rene served in the United States Army from 1974 through 1977. After an honorable discharge, he attended Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. Rene is now retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 37 years of service. Rene is now a full-time artist. Ever since he was young, he enjoyed drawing. Rene has always enjoyed creating images that depict his surroundings and culture. His inspiration comes from being able to capture incredible detail in all his paintings. He likes to paint still life and once he has reproduced the values, lighting and details, his paintings look realistic.

Fleurette Estes


Fleurette Farley Estes is a Diné (Navajo) artist from the Navajo reservation. She earned her degree in art from Harding University in 1998, and after moving to San Antonio in 2017, she left an 18-year career in retail to pursue art and photography full time. Her inspiration comes from traveling, culture, landscapes, and experimentation with acrylic paints. She loves when people are drawn to her work because of their own travels, and the mutual connection travel creates between her and her patrons.

Sonja Quarles


I’m a Texas artist and a versatile painter.  I paint landscapes, florals, figurative, wildlife and architectural scenes in both oil and acrylic. I have had paintings accepted in juried national shows including NOAPS, AWA and Graham Art Splash on the Square National Show. I have also exhibited in juried regional shows such as Fort Worth’s Art in the Metroplex, Preservation is the Art of the City shows, Texas Artists Coalition member shows, and Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition. In 2006, I had a solo show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. My paintings have won several awards including Best of Show at the 2014 National Wildlife and Domestic Animal Show in Irving and at the 2016 Lake Granbury Art Association Open Show.

Ethan Farmer


 Inspired by his experiences as a former Police Officer and Army Combat Medic, Ethan Farmer utilizes torches, carving tools, and acrylics to create works depicting the beauty of the natural world.  A self-taught artist, Ethan established his company, West Texas Wood Art, in 2015.  Today Ethan is completing a Master's Degree in Physician Assistant studies, and dedicates his free time to crafting unique pieces for clients. Personalization is one of his specialties.  

grito del mar


 I was born and raised in San Antonio. I have been painting on and off for about 10 years now. I really started to get serious again around last August, and now I can‘t stop. I have mainly been painting with acrylics on stretched canvas. Many of my paintings have been reinvented over and over again during the process towards its end result.  I usually try not to think too much about the final outcome.  I try to work with the idea that a so called mistake should be taken advantage of, and where it goes should not be feared. I’m not always successful in that approach, but it keeps the painting fun and interesting to me. 

Fernando Giron


 Fernando Giron is a self-taught artist originally from Mexico. He has lived in Texas for the past 14 years. As with many artists, Giron, grew up drawing and sketching daily. He started painting in 2010. His work has been displayed in interior design stores and over 12 private art exhibits throughout Texas in the past 4 years. Fernando likes to experiment utilizing new materials and techniques. He dreams, imagines, thinks, feels and communicates what moves his soul. His artwork is an explosion of color, vigorous figures, light and shade to produce an effect and emotion. He considers himself a figurative and abstract expressionist. His dream is to transcend in this medium and continue making charitable donation and contributing to his community through his art.  

Resa Wohlrabe


Resa Wohlrabe is a native San Antonian. She received her Master's of Fine Arts in 2007 from Florida State University. In addition to her being an award-winning artist, Resa was featured in SA Women's Magazine in March of 2016 and chosen as the 2016 Official Fiesta Poster winner. Among her awards are the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series regional competition in Austin, TX. Her paintings reflect pure feeling and positive outlooks. Colorful displays with subject matter ranging from pianos to bicycles inspire her to keep creating more.

Silvia Sarinana


 Silvia Sariñana was born and raised in Mexico City.   In 1982 Silvia started taking drawing and painting classes at the studio of Marcela Zorrilla, a well known artist professor at Universidad Autonoma de Mexico.   In 1989 Silvia attended the University of Incarnate Word and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double major in art and education. She earned her MA in art education from Texas Tech University in 1998. In 1993 she began teaching at Saint Luke’s Episcopal School where she developed the art curriculum and taught 17 years. In 2010 Silvia opened her own business, Art in the Park, to teach after-school art classes to children and adults. After retiring from teaching she is now a dedicated full time artist, focusing in fiber arts and mixed media. She has now joined the staff of Bihl Haus Arts and enjoys teaching drawing, painting and crafts at the City’s Senior Centers. 

Sandra Risner


 I was raised in Rio Grande City, Texas.  I attended Texas Woman's University where I majored in Fashion Illustration and Art Education.  I have mainly worked in pencil and watercolor but since retiring 8 years ago, I started painting with acrylics.  I have taken instruction from local artists Stevie Ricks and Juanita Garza.  I was influenced by my father, a South Texas artist, by the works of Georgia O’Keefe, and the fashion portraits of John Singer Sargent. I am currently experimenting with new techniques and always trying new ideas.  I continue to find interest in painting a variety of subjects from nature including florals, architecture, and from recorded memories of my travels. 

Jack Krietzburg


 Jack was born and raised in Southern California, his ancestors among those noted for settling Santa Monica when orange groves not boardwalks was the stock and trade. Spending 29 years in Las Vegas, Jack put his artistic nature into a successful commercial printing company. Upon selling the company in 1998, Jack and his wife Sharon moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. A five-year endeavor into designing custom wood screened doors reignited his passion for painting. Jack entered, showed and sold his paintings in many venues across New Mexico. With a move to Sharon’s native State of Texas in 2012, his enthusiasm for painting and testing the boundaries of subjects has continued to evolve. He paints everyday simple subjects in a realistic to representational style. He hopes you enjoy what you see.

Judy Jungbauer


After 35 years in Sales and Marketing, I was facing retirement with a lot of trepidation and not too happy with that “retirement age number” that goes along with that Social Security Check. On a whim, I signed up for an Art Class and I have never stopped learning. WOW! It was the greatest gift I ever gave myself! From that first class I have found a whole new lease on life, a creative side of me that I never knew existed, a great group of new friends, and a passion and purpose to get up every day and explore my world and put it on canvas. Now, 6 years later, that “retirement age number” only means that I am FREE to create the world I am excited to live in!

Sarah Mills Bailey


A native of New Orleans, Sarah Mills Bailey studied microbiology at LSU and at the graduate level, at Tulane University.  Her artistic endeavors began as crafting household décor. Using paint and fabric, she applied color as a means of highlighting visual perception of form. Fabric then became the medium, but again the tool was color, along with texture, as she juxtaposed aspects of both in her designs. It was a natural progression to the elemental of abstract art, narrowing the focus to color itself, becoming not just the tool but the object of perception.  Sarah lives in San Antonio with her husband and daughters.

Marcus A. Cerda


My synthetic cubist paintings are like a stream of consciousness, which starts with a collage of randomly placed pieces and textures.  The universe is broken down into colors and shapes via the rationale that it is comprised of circles and right angles; I paint while remaining consciously aware of color blocking and shapes. This collage style of synthetic cubism challenges and strengthens my sense of aesthetics.  The cubist paintings depict the mundane in a colorful, vibrant, and transparent way, by expressing movement in the mundane objects as frenetic textural juxtaposition of shape, pattern, and color.  I have developed an interconnection of self and the environment that space and time are interdependent and intermingled.

Maureen Pisano


I have had a lifelong interest in art and began seriously studying style and techniques in 2000. I have studied at Southwest School of Art and with private instructors in figure drawing, watercolor, stained glass design, decorative painting, calligraphy, Chinese painting and colored pencils. In 2009 I began painting with acrylic medium which allows versatility and opportunity for experimentation and expression. I am intrigued by color, the play of light on subjects, and composition. I often work on several canvases simultaneously and have produced series in wildlife, still life, landscape and florals. However, my main interest is painting cherished pets for clients by portraying their special characteristics and expressions.

Barbie Moroney



I grew up in New York and studied art in college but then pursued a career in marketing and communications.  My creative outlet was writing and I published a series of business books. After moving to San Antonio 15 years ago I took a painting class and re-discovered my love of art. I continue to study art, usually painting in acrylics. I love to paint local San Antonio scenes, as well as landscapes from my travels. I am also a jewelry artist and my jewelry reflects my time in the Southwest.

Jessica Veilleux


I am fascinated with the Old Masters and have lived in several countries visiting their museums and taking their art classes. I strive to creatively express light and mood in my paintings and continue to study art at the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts. I love to paint the light seen in the glow of vessels or the luminosity of a sunset and feel joy when customers tell me they are drawn to light in my paintings. I am a member of the Boerne Professional Artists and the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts. 

Ryan T. Schmidt


For over 15 years, Schmidt has turned his sketches of sweeping arcs and sleek curvilinear lines into fine stainless steel sculptures. His polished mirror-finished creates brilliant and complex image with surface that reflects the organic transformation between existence and illusion. His ambitious intention is to create atmospheric monuments that captures the everlasting properties of the sun, water, and clouds in movement, and the ever-changing seasonal landscapes of our beautiful Earth; hoping to invoke in the viewer a nearly magical inspiration of great healing and thoughtfulness while simultaneously striking the imagination.

Armando Vasquez Rubio


Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Armando displayed an artistic ability from the age of 5. At 16, he obtained a diploma in Graphic Arts from the National School of Fine Arts. Armando has won various prizes and recognitions for his art as well as participated in national and international exhibitions. He was awarded a grant by the Italian government to study sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy. Armando returned to Honduras to study Interior Design at the University of Design, Architecture and Construction where he obtained an associate degree in Interior Design. There, he continued to study architecture but in his 3rd year relocated to San Antonio, TX where he now practices his knowledge of Art to develop different artistic projects. 

Margot Gonzalez


Margot is a Mexican artist that has been living in San Antonio for nine years. Painting for 27 years, Margot has had her work exhibited in Paris, the United States, and Mexico. She likes to convey memories, emotions, and moments in order for viewers to find or create their own portrayal. Margot's passion for her work comes from the peace she finds while painting. Most of her work includes commissioned portraits of children.

Pamela Clarkson


Pamela Clarkson has a degree in Secondary Art Education from the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque.  She has traveled the world due to a military father and husband. Her paintings have found homes across the world as she celebrated her residences in Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey and the Philippines. She now resides in San Antonio and paints the people and colors, flair and style of her city. She paints in oil with an impressionistic style. She often ramps up her colors for a more contemporary take on traditional subjects.

Giovanna DiZurita


 Giovanna DiZurita was born in San Antonio on August 6, 1992. She is a full time artist dedicated to her craft and the development of her career. At her young age Giovanna has been awarded Visual Artist of the Year, Fashion Artist of the Year and has toured with her art internationally. Her art is part of the collection of individuals from all over the world in Europe, Central America and various states in the USA including many San Antonina’s. Some of the collector include Steven Tyler, the Mayor of San Antonio and the art Ambassador of Mexico City.  

Phyllis Rosenfield


Phyllis Rosenfield has a youthful exuberance and an inner joy that allows her to see the beauty in life’s creations.  Rosenfieild is gifted in many mediums but her true love and passion is painting.   Phyllis studied art at the PaierSchool of Art in Boston and won many awards for her work. Constantly learning and honing her craft she continues to win awards at shows and art leagues.  A mother of five children and an avid gardener, Phyllis had a suburban farm where she raised chickens, dogs, cats and horses.  One noted artist explained about Phyllis, “Her joy comes to life on her canvas.”

Sherry Garrison


This wild little cowgirl grew up in Archer County, Texas herding sheep and cattle, driving a tractor, and avoiding rattlesnakes with her three siblings. She was influenced by the shape and colors of the open range and wheat fields, sketching what she saw on her Big Chief tablet with a #2 pencil. Sherry graduated from UTSA with a Bachelors in Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in Architectural Design. Her paintings hang in fine homes in San Antonio and across the state. Vintage photographs as well as nostalgia from my youth have inspired this collection.  

Hareesh Nair


 Living and working in San Antonio for last 15 years, I am a scientist by training but brave to test the waters of art, because I believe science is a practicing art! Fascinated in elixir of colors often when time permits. Love to do contemporary, modern and abstracts. 50% of the proceeds will go to medical research/ community-based charities.     

Laurel Cyrene


Some of my first memories are of my mother painting her landscapes and the smell of oil paint and turpentine. I was officially teaching others art since I was a school child and later worked as a degreed art teacher in the public schools in Texas and later went into the private sector and have created murals for church, business and private homes. I have delved into everything art from photography, pastels, watercolor, oil and sculpting. My favorite medium is acrylics. I am a member of the Lytle Friendship Club and San Antonio Art Association.

Dianne Wright



 Dianne is an Artist with over 32 years of professional art work. Art has been a passion of Dianne’s since she can remember at a very young age and is a self-taught artist. Born in Harvey, ND and Eventually moved to Texas with her husband of 50 years and 4 children where She developed the desire to paint at a steady pace. Dianne enjoys exploring with acrylic mediums with mostly still life and portraits. She also enjoys painting pictures of any type by special order. Give Dianne an idea of what you would like and she will have a complete masterpiece in a couple of days! 

Vera (von Benckendorff-) Smith


After living in the Netherlands, France, Germany, California and Japan, Vera (von Benckendorff-) Smith has lived in San Antonio for almost 20 years. She paints in oil and watercolor and draws using graphite. Her art can be found at Munch on, Dr Robert Rodriguez dental office, the River Art Group gallery in San Antonio  and in collections around the world. Favorite subjects are portraits, landscapes, animals and rockart. 

Miosotis Saldana


Miosotis was born in Panama City, Panama. She has participated in numerous art exhibitions including two she organized in the Universidad Tecnologica de Panama (1991-1992). She was a member of Killeen Civic Art Guild, Killeen TX. In 1997 she won the Best of the Show at the eighth Annual Festival of Flags spring art competition with her old painting titled "El Diablico Sucio". 

Jerry Gann


 As a native to San Antonio, I enjoyed painting with my grandmother at a very young age. I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from University of Texas at San Antonio in 2001. I have shown artwork in local art galleries in Downtown San Antonio as well as group exhibits in Austin and New York. I have donated artwork to local nonprofit organizations as well. I have been an art teacher for the last 13 years. I remain dedicated to making and exhibiting artwork. My recent work is made using oil paint, collage, and found objects. 

Stan Unser


Stan Unser is a mixed media artist working since 2016 following his retirement as a military physician. A lifelong attraction to intriguing images and a desire to composite them into stories directs his work.  He often uses photographic image transfers to allow rapid presentation of a concept with emphasis on composition. His current purpose is to evolve artistically, create interesting and pleasing work, and explore the local art community.  



A resident of San Antonio for over 30years; from San Clemente, California. Mayette started drawing and painting since 7 years of age. She is also a full pledged crafter. Put them all aside to raise 3 beautiful children. Now an empty-nester and a grandmama she's finding her way back to where I started; creating artworks. It's been over 10 years now that she's painting again. An MBA graduate from UIW in International Business and an author of “A GLIMPSE OF EDEN” an inspirational-spiritual messages with my artworks for coffee table piece, she hopes to share her creations for the world to enjoy.