Vie Dunn-Harr



Born in San Antonio, Dunn-Harr found her artistic expression

slowly, yet deliberately, and continues

to explore the many possibilities in the 

arts. She derived much of her early experience from the traditional school and continues to embrace formalism.  Her works are organic forms rooted in architectural elements.  The forms are sensuous and portray the force and fragility of nature.  Dunn-Harr considers herself a contemporary realist and travels and exhibits internationally.

David Duran


A native of SA and a self-taught artist, David has developed a unique use of color and techniques that set his work apart. The diversity in technique can be seen in the disciplined style of “Frieda Mi Vida”, and the more impressionistic style of “Siempre Juntos”. These art works reflect the multifariousness of culture, architecture, style and renaissance of San Antonio and its community. Duran’s use of bright colors, contrasts, and regional themes are often cited as the reasons for his popularity.  

Roberta Williams


Roberta Williams is an award-winning artist and teacher and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Maryland. Her work has been in Southern Living Magazine, Virginia Daily Press and Southwest Art Magazine and hangs in The Pentagon and the corporate headquarters of Fortune 500 Company Smithfield Foods, Inc. Roberta is currently pursuing a master's degree in art therapy. Her greatest inspiration comes from her Christian faith, as she often asks God, “Please, teach me how to paint.” 

David Garcia


​I have been a working artist for over 25 years and an art educator for over 20 years. One of six artists featured at the McNay Museum of Art for their 60th anniversary. 3 pieces in Arizona State collection and published in books "Chicano Art for Our Millennium" and "Triumph of Our Communities". 40 years of Latin American Art. Published in "Criticizing Art: volume #3" by Terry Barrett and McGraw Hill". 3 pieces in The UTSA collection 

Henry Cardenas


Henry Cardenas, an award-winning artist, is a native of and resides in San Antonio and earned his MBA in Business Administration from St. Mary’s University.  He has painted vivid landscapes and abstracts and created unusual sculptures most of his life.  He creates intriguing sculptures of metal, wood, and glass or stone combinations.  His art inspirations started as a young child drawing, painting, and making toys. Cardenas maintains a continuing exhibition of his exciting paintings and unique sculptures.  With numerous juried competitions, Cardenas has exhibited his paintings and sculptures with winning entries in many venues.

Emily Magone


Emily Magone, an artist originally from the beautiful and isolated Kootenai Valley in NW Montana, has recently returned from the UK to create from her new studio in San Antonio, Texas.  She travels the world, seeking epic and everyday natural beauty.  Self-taught and with her Irish grandmother’s early influence, Emily seeks to communicate the solace, calm and intensity felt when listening to the sounds the earth makes – without the interruption of man-made noise.   

Tamara Van Horn


  Tamara Van Horn has been working as an artist since 2012 and is completely self-taught. Her inspiration comes from the Texas rivers, amazing sunsets and local wildlife. Over the last few years she has won some significant local awards such as the Julian Onderdonk award and Best in Show at the New Braunfels Art League as well as the River Art Group. She started with oils and has been branching out with watercolors and pastels.    

Heather Labbe


  I'm an Artist with over 17 years of independent art related experience - passionate, experimental and self-taught. I was born in Dunoon, Scotland and grew up in the USA between the East Coast and West Coast, mostly Connecticut and Los Angeles, as my father was in the military. Eventually I moved to Oregon, where I developed the desire to paint. I enjoy exploring with oil and acrylic mediums. Living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon I found myself inspired by the many beautiful people and surroundings I was lucky to be amidst. I spent the summer of 2017 exploring Europe and found myself almost overwhelmingly inspired. In October of 2017 I moved to San Antonio, Texas and so far I'm loving every bit of it!

Cindy Morawski


Award-winning San Antonio artist, Cindy Morawski, paints the subjects of landscapes, florals, birds, and wildlife with pastels. A charter member and past President and Board of Directors Member of the Texas Pastel Society, she has created art since childhood. Cindy also enjoys painting plein air landscapes outdoors with the Texas Pastel Society. Teaching and painting are two of her favorite things. An outdoor enthusiast, she tries to capture the light and colors of her subjects in nature within her compositions. Her artist statement helps provide some personal insights. "I take artistic and spiritual inspiration from the natural world and then try to place it in a window for my viewer to appreciate.

Monic Reyes


Monic Reyes is a self-taught freelance artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Monic holds an intensive background in fashion. Monic co-designs alongside her mother for their fashion design company Malen Reyes Couture. Monic from a young age holds a true passion for creating and sharing her self-expression. Monic believes her talent and eye for creativity is owed to her mother who has always encouraged and inspired to create without limits and boundaries. 



  The painter Aceldama, retired mediaevalist and former iconographer, uses the media and techniques common in writing icons for his panels devoted to the exploration of color relationships and mathematical proportions. Sometimes the subject is also mathematical; sometimes the subject is a development of more traditional genres, such as landscapes and stilllifes. One wonders, what would art look like if painters had been limited to the media and techniques of iconographers, but had studied in the studios of Cezanne,Braque, Feninger and the Futurists? Aceldama experiments with this idea.  

Diane Bazaldua


As a two-dimensional artist, I love to express myself and experiment with various types of mediums.  After retiring from the corporate world, which adheres to a uniform environment, I decided to not limit myself to only one discipline but to learn all aspects of art-making and experimentation with all sorts of mediums and techniques. 

Cat Flores


Hi, my name is Cat Flores and I'm 31years old. I was born in San Antonio and I'm an artist of different mediums. I primarily paint with acrylic on canvas. I also like to use mixed media on my paintings like: mirror, beads, and lace. I'm definitely inspired by nature, fashion, geometry, emotions, and science. I love flowers and bright colors with a bit of darkness. I've always loved to paint and appreciate this opportunity to be in a collective of San Antonio artists.  

Boris Levitsky


Boris Levitsky was born 1958 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. His Grandfather and Father were well known Russian artists. He started to paint in early childhood inspired by his Father's work. Boris graduated from the famous M.B.Grekov Art School in Rostov-on-Don in 1977. During his university years he studied in Leningrad and the Moscow Art Academy. In 1987 Boris immigrated to US and has been working in many different art directions. His first exhibition in US was an International Fine Art Exhibit "ECO - FUSION", McAlpin Gallery, Manhattan, 2006. He has also participated in several exhibitions collaborating with New York Realism Fine Art. Boris participated in the International art exhibition "NEW YORK-TOKYO" during September 24-29, 2015, taking place in Tokyo, Japan.

Cathy E Geib


Creativity has always been a passion for me! Creating art makes me happy! After retiring from teaching, I was able to follow my artistic passion and took a pastel class. I was hooked! I have been drawn to acrylics and encaustics. Art is an adventure of learning and exploring new and exciting things. Moreover, my love for animals has led me to painting animals and pet portraits.    

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

  Born in Mexico and moved to San Antonio in 2006. A professional painter for 20 years, I studied graphic design in college on an art scholarship, and later taught art history, drawing and design at an art college in Mexico. I have participated in 40 collective art exhibitions, roughly 25 solo art exhibitions, 4 biennials and created 3 murals, as well as doing happenings in various cities throughout Mexico and the USA. Ten years ago I moved towards contemporary art, and today concentrate on Figurative-Abstract paintings.  

Deborah Bowe


Deborah Bowe is an Italian American artist who has resided in Europe, Asia and America and she is currently creating in her studio in San Antonio. Her artwork captures the complexity and the beauty of the human soul expressed through faith, beliefs and devotion. 

The glazed, luminous portraits and relief, textured and sculptural paintings are created in acrylics and mixed media. Gesso, plaster, stucco and fine stone textures are also used to create modern versions of fresco paintings.

Deborah’s work has been selected as a finalist for the D.C., Maryland and Virginia regions by Bombay Sapphire/ Artsy, by Impact USA in their National permanent exhibition sponsored by Pepco Edison, the private collection of “Fear 2 Freedom” and  in private collections in Europe, Asia & across the US.

Leyhbert Millan Sharp


Leyhbert is a Colombian-American postmodernist experimentation artist who has worked extensively as a graphic and audiovisual designer, and film actor/director in Colombia and Texas. He holds two university degrees in Industrial Relations and Film & Television Production.  Several of his works have been exhibited internationally and by private organizations, and his original painting “Freedom” garnered Leyhbert a prestigious award in Colombia, and one film project was featured at a national film festival in Havana, Cuba.  

Jake Herrera


  A San Antonio native, I joined the Air Force right out of high school. Upon leaving, I studied to become a programmer, only to realize that I wasn't meant to sit in a cubicle and look at code all day. I now go to UTSA to learn more about art and to better myself as an artist. I like to work in oils, acrylic, water color, graphite, charcoal, and digital. Art is my passion and it makes me happy to create.   

Brooke Hood


  Brooke Hood is a former Interior Designer and currently an Architecture teacher.  She has a Bachelor's degree from Abilene Christian University and has been working as an artist since 2002.  Her works hang in residences throughout the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio areas.  Her art is abstract expressionism, with evidence of architectural influence.  "Speleogenesis", creation of underground, is her most recent collection available.  



Born in Cuba in 1979, I emigrated to the USA and eventually settled in San Antonio in 2014. In 1995 I began studying Painting and Sculpture at Professional Fine Arts School "Oscar Fernandez Moreira" in Trinidad, Cuba, where I also took elective courses in ceramics and jewelry. My work reflects my experiences from Cuba to the USA; culture, architecture, landscapes, imaginary or real characters that we encounter in daily life, feelings, encounters and miscegenation of all the different cultures. This is what I represent in my oil and acrylic paintings.     

Barbara Brunner


I started college with a minor in art and have taken college painting and drawing classes but being practical, I got a degree in Business Administration.  After moving around the world as a military wife, I decided to follow my heart and started painting again.  For the past 15-20 years, I have studied under Karen McCauley and have taken numerous workshops from well-known artists.  One of my paintings won BEST OF SHOW in a San Antonio Real Estate Industry Art Exhibition and one of my works in Chen-colle’ won first place in mixed media in a River Arts Group Show.

Evan Michaels Estrada


Artist and musician native to San Antonio, Texas. My artwork primarily focuses on surrealist placement found images and mixed media creating pieces exploring a range of themes surrounding human consciousness, experience, and spirituality. I am a self-taught artist and musician and employed as custom picture framer and found early inspiration in the works of Ernst, Mucha, Van Gogh, Munch & Basquiat .

Melissa Torres


Originally from Newburgh, NY, I moved to San Antonio in 1997. After working 12 years as an ER Nurse, art became a way of escaping reality and releasing the frustration that came with working in such a stressful environment. Primarily self-taught, my paintings are largely acrylics and oils. You can see my Puerto Rican heritage in my art and my favorite paintings to do are pet portraits.

Sam Wilson


 Sam Wilson is a self taught oil painter based in San Antonio, TX whose main focus is realism. Born in 1986 originally from Wichita KS Sam was interested in art from a young age. Sam attended Butler Community College with a small scholarship for art. There he took a few design classes as well as sculpture. From there he attended The  University of Kansas with a focus in Marketing Communications. After a year at KU at the age of 23 Sam took a break from university during which he painted his first oil painting under the guidance of his father, Kent Wilson. From that point on he never looked back. Sam has shown his work in several venues in Wichita and San Antonio as well as a number of competitions all over the United States. Among other recognition in 2015 his piece “American Busker” was selected as a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize in Houston. In 2016 he was the first place winner of the Jerry’s Artarama Portrait Contest. l 

VARU Art Studios


It is my dream come true, it is the space without form and time with no hurry where I have become an a artist, making different projects in different media and forms which I didn't intend to do before.  It is an evolving project that I cannot stop. It is the materialization of my longing, of my studies, of my ambition and of my practices, all that once was only an idea and today is a reality.

That's Vasquez Rubio Art Studio.

It's sharing part of me.

Al Slavin


I am a Texas artist from San Antonio. I graduated from Clark High School and went to Texas A&M University where I earned a BS in landscape architecture. I am a predominantly self-taught painter, working primarily in oils. My intent is to communicate emotions, feelings, and wonderments to the people who view my paintings. Design, composition, texture, color and mostly light help convey things. Most of my paintings are pulled from my imagination and I'd like to make them look real. Painting to me is like magic, mystifying and fun and it's wonderful when my work connects with people. Nature moves me; trees, skies, clouds, colors but especially the light! The light is what inspires me. 



Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, knowartist came to be after a tattoo apprenticeship. He began experimenting with acrylic paint, back in 2010.  Mostly painting what he calls "lowbrow folk art", his style evolved into a tighter, richer, more colorful form of illustrative painting. He prefers to create imagery in which the ideas are fresh to the audience and visually stimulating. While his concepts are usually off-kilter, he leaves his work open to various interpretations by the viewer, allowing them to metaphorically paint their own picture. 

Liz De La Rosa


I am a born and raised San Antonio Native.  I have always painted butterflies and flowers and am an avid butterfly collector.  I am self-taught and use watercolors and acrylic or mixed media.  I love to grow flowers in our yard so I always have plenty of material handy for paintings.  Other types so paintings I enjoy producing are pen and ink animals, abstracts and some landscapes.  Painting has always been my passion and I have an easel next to my desk in my office so I always have painting to work on.  This best my way to relax and stay centered.

Dr. James Brown


Dr. James W. Brown began painting during his last year of dental school, and painted while serving as a dental officer in the U. S. Navy. His works have been displayed in various art exhibitions: The Pastel Society of America, San Antonio Art League; in art galleries; and print mediums: The Artist Magazine and The San Antonio Express-News. A variety of his paintings are held in private collections throughout the United States.    

Sonia Fragoso


I am a self-taught artist that has never been able to fully express myself through words. In essence, my paintings are the diary of things I cannot speak of. I am inspired by the universe: the human body, the connections, the lines, the colors, the complexities. Three legends that have inspired me throughout: Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, and Frida Kahlo.  

Brenda Flores


Brenda L. Flores, born in Laredo and raised in San Antonio, is an up-and-coming artist whose pure imagination is reflected in her artwork. 

Alicina Xindinghani Vilankulu


Alicina Xindinghani Vilankulu was born and raised in New York City.  As a self-taught artist I have been drawing and painting since I was a child.  My use of bright acrylics and abstract images was deeply influenced by the Pop Art scene of the 1970s and 1980s in NYC.  The second strong influence of my art is my African heritage.   I was lucky enough to take two trips to Africa in my youth and that experience changed my life, my perspective of the world and my art.

Amy Hillenbrand



Amy Hillenbrand began her career in the creative world as an Interior Designer. While living in the midwest she owned her own successful commercial interior design and architectural firm for fifteen years. As her life unfolded, she was called to her next creative endeavor of oil painting. She uses her experience with color and creativity and pours it into this new passion. Amy is known for her restful, heartwarming style contemporary realist style. Harmonious color palettes, appealing composition and positive energy are all fused together to create joy-filled, yet peaceful, works of art. Amy’s work is in many private collections throughout the US and Canada. Her work has been displayed in public spaces, galleries and art festivals.

Stan Tims


Art is all that I have ever wanted to do. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I have written, illustrated and self-published seven graphic novels and two children’s  books on Amazon Kindle. My second passion is for nature, especially now. With the threatening reality of global climate change and the ever encroachment of civilization, many animal and plant species are disappearing. I hope to portray the beauty and wonder  of those innocents that have no voice, to inspire others to help save them and our world.

Jeff Talmadge


I have lived in San Antonio for about 20 years now and am married with no kids. I' m currently a student at the Academy of Art University based in San Francisco, CA. I love drawing and creating and I believe freelance work is my calling in life. My drawings currently occupy two different galleries, one here in San Antonio, and the other near Sacramento, CA. My success relies heavily on the support I get from others and I am ever so grateful!  

Debra Zender


 A Wisconsin native who discovered her passion through art instruction at Milwaukee Public Schools. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and her Master of Arts degree from Cardinal Stritch College. Debra has been drawn to the development of 3-D art that needs to be seen with more than just the eyes. She takes everyday objects and creates colorful, tactile pieces of art. She is feeling her way through the art world without following conventional rules, focusing on color and texture. 

Veronica Ramirez Miller


Born, raised, and living in San Antonio, Veronica is a self-taught contemporary artist who has been painting and selling her work since 2007. She loves her hometown’s colorful expressions and tries to evoke that bold joyful vibe in every piece she makes. Much like her personality, her body of work is an eclectic mash of styles. Whether it be contemporary folk art, fluid expressionism, mixed media, or anything in between, she experiences the most pleasure in the creation process itself. In a world of limitless possibilities, she aims to have fun in discovering the endless options for creating something beautiful.

Patti Schulze


  I am the founder of Digital Training & Designs, an Adobe and Apple Authorized training center located in the Dallas, Texas area. Now retired and living in San Antonio, I am concentrating on my artwork. My paintings are not photographs of a painting as no painting exists. These are photographs of artwork created by mixing different liquids, paints, inks, or whatever I dream up and experiment with to create the abstract. The dish is cleaned and the ink or paint is washed down the drain, gone forever. All that remains is the photograph.  

Tina Griesenbeck Novelli


I'm a Texas artist and love painting the San Antonio Riverwalk. Primarily I work in watercolors and pen and ink; other medias include polymer clay, acrylics, and jewelry. I began drawing in pencil and charcoal around 5 years, progressed into pen and ink, and then proceeded to technical and architectural works. Scientific illustrations soon expanded into fashion and other commercial work. When I found watercolors, I fell in love. I still take commissions for technical work but spend the majority of my time painting.  

Aaron Bialaszewski


Aaron Bialaszewski grew up on a small farm in Newark, NY and attended Potsdam University where he studied Art History, Painting, Photography, Drawing, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. He graduated in 2000 with a degree in Studio Art and shortly after graduation, Bialaszewski moved to San Antonio. The look of his art is distinct; he brings an intense focus to each design; subject and composition, with flowing lines of polished steel create movement and mimic the precision that of a painter’s brushes, as well as beautifully controlled, timeless heat-treated, layered dyed surfaces that seem to explode in vibrant color.  Beautifully controlled timeless heat-treated colors. Layered dyed surfaces of iridescent color.

Joao Quiroz


 Joao Quiroz (Zacatecas, Mexico 1980) explores the interior language and the landscape, expressionism and impressionism. He trained as a graphic designer and adopted painting as a means of expression 20 years ago, he has toured the most important squares in Mexico, he traveled to Italy and now in Texas, EU, he leaves his stamp on images that belong to the culture and the way of life in his present, the portrait of society as a time capsule turned into painting.  

Maya Sokovic


 Maya Sokovic is an artist currently living and working in San Antonio, TX. She grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. She defines her art as a form of visual storytelling. "My paintings are coming from memories, dreams, feelings, physical layers and personal history, they are reactions to moments I’ve collected. I seek to capture the moments and simplicity of life through time, whether by colors, lines, layers, space...". Maya received a BFA of Fine Arts. Her art was exhibited internationally, published in books and is in private collections in Europe and the USA. 

Lolli Hollsten


Lolli Hollsten is a mother, a nurse, an avid pet-lover, and a self-taught artist. Her passion for creativity began as a young girl growing up in Hawaii and continued to develop throughout her time serving as an Army nurse and raising her family. Originally working primarily in oils, Lolli has expanded her artistic abilities to include acrylics and other mediums. She can be found most days in her studio surrounded by her dogs as she continues to create. 

Tim Smith


Tim is an award winning fine art photographer from San Antonio, Texas. Recognition includes honorable mentions from the Fine Art Photography Awards, International Photography Awards and the 8th Annual Inspire Juried Art Show. His work has been featured in such publications as Black Magazine and Black and White Minimalism Magazine. Artwork is typically limited to architecture, landscape and minimalist black and white photography. He feels that black and white images can often times appear surreal and timeless and is fascinated with how light and shadow can bring life to an image.        

Landrell Scurlock


God has given me the means and opportunity to express the essence of the beauty of His creations that He has set before us and introduce the world to various forms of art through my eyes, which entitles them to experience life through a different perspective. Originally from New Orleans, I was influenced by Chartres Street in the French Quarter. I watched in amazement while the street artists practice their artistic skills. In high school I took Art History as an elective for four years to expose me to various mediums and types of art. Through that exposure I was drawn to abstract art particularly, dealing mostly in acrylic and watercolor mediums.

Ruth Burink


San Antonio artist Ruth Burink creates graceful, imaginative, and intriguing sculpture. She takes her inspiration from the natural world, resulting in forms which reveal the essence of, rather than the literal interpretation of the images which inspire her. Burink is recognized as a sensitive and accomplished sculptor dedicated to grace and beauty of form, and to meticulous attention to detail. Ruth Burink earned her degree in English Literature from UTSA and continues to educate herself in the arts and in life. Her sculpture is collected internationally, both privately and publicly. Burink resides and works in beautiful downtown San Antonio, the ideal venue for her creativity with access to both art and inspiration.

Marianne Mongiello


Marianne Mongiello was born in Brooklyn,New York. She studied Art at Hunter College and Pratt Institute and has a MA from the University of Texas in Austin. She moved to Mexico City and studied colonial architecture at the Universidad de las Americas in Mexico. There she also exhibited in various Art Shows. Marianne works in oil and water color and her work is akin to Impressionism and Expressionism. Her paintings convey mood,emotion through an emphasis on contrasts of light and dark, shading and motion.